Educated or qualified

  Nelson Mandela, ex president of Africa, used to say that education is the most powerful weapon .He believed that Atom bombs don't destroy countries but you need illiteracy to destroy a country. Under colonial rule it was practiced that deep and great knowledge centers in India were systematically destroyed to the extent that Indians … Continue reading Educated or qualified


Crash, Decline, Downfall, Down Slide, Downside Adjustment, Correction

  Some interesting terms are of academic “Interest” for a common people. Hurricane, Typhoon as well as Cyclone are tropical cyclones and called so depending on the ocean basin in which it forms. A tropical cyclone is called a hurricane in the North Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean, or the Northeast Pacific Ocean on the eastern … Continue reading Crash, Decline, Downfall, Down Slide, Downside Adjustment, Correction

Home with home loan

  Shelter is a basic necessity and except the very few lucky ones who get employment and suitable shelter, struggle starts from the very first day. Gone are the days where accommodation was embedded in the employment and presently on the date of joining itself, as the evening arrives, the first question of shelter hovers … Continue reading Home with home loan

Consumption simplified

  Never spend your money before you have it. --Thomas Jefferson In good old days there was a craze to see movie “First show first day”. Currently people get crazy to queue at midnight before “Store” to get particular mobile at the opening of sale (prebooking has made it easy little bit). Unable to get … Continue reading Consumption simplified

Shadow banking and pseudo banking

  Though the term “Shadow banking” is more than 10 years old, it is hot in news once again due to IL&FS crisis. Moreover retail investors are also in the stream now. Shadow banking system provides services similar to traditional banks but outside normal banking regulations. They do so outside the traditional system of regulated depository institutions. … Continue reading Shadow banking and pseudo banking