Destination Dubai

Next to oil, tourism is second largest revenue source of Dubai and they are making good effort to offer nice experience to tourists worldwide. Be descent and enjoy this nice and popular tourist destination.

Running for targets

There is only one target in personal finance and that is well being and happiness. Balance and move ahead. There is a way if there is a will.

Investment for tax rebate and its impact on personal finance

Tax rebate is just a cost incentive to them and discontinuation of such investment in absence of tax rebate may prove a great mistake. In absence of tax rebate re balancing of budget is required properly so that such cost is not hampering overall well being.

Budgeting in Personal Finance

Development and change is need of time. Education is not going to end at the Convocation ceremony rather it moves on continuously. Tools of management mature with experience only. Updating knowledge is getting priority over building assets. Budget should include such expanses

Viral attack on portfolio

Incurring liability should be considered keeping such crisis situation. Income cycles are not consistent in general and get worsened by such situation. When fund flow is adverse its impact gets two fold – to meet current expanses and to service debts. Lack of due consideration well in advance will lead to turmoil only.

Splitting and customized insurance

Getting puzzled is very easy. Side by side under insured or over insured position is also not good. Paying higher premium depletes investment fund. BE JUDICIOUS is the only option. Do not get swayed by lucrative marketing strategies rather judge the requirement and get adequate insurance

Approach to investment

Money cannot do many things but many worries are avoidable by managing money properly. To manage money, financial literacy is just a must. Source, quantum as well as practices are significant for a good approach to investment.