Tracking investment

  With technology growing leaps and bounds, tracking is getting easier and simpler day by day. Two examples will put it into a better light. On 2018’ Christmas night, it took not much effort when almost-retired IT project manager, amateur photographer and plane enthusiast sighted an Air Force One flying in disguise of military cargo … Continue reading Tracking investment


Honey, I shrunk our kitty

  As retirement is unavoidable, thinking of retiring crops up as soon as career begins. Retirement planning starts with allocation of savings for retirement with goal to achieve financial independence with sole reason to take care of your life. Hard work done and retired comfortably but to sail through the future years without feeling the … Continue reading Honey, I shrunk our kitty

Happiness sale – up to 70% off

  Phenomena of selling by “Sale” are a time tested and widely practiced one and both seller as well as consumer is involved in its progress year after year. Earlier it was a common practice that consumption increases during festival season which coincided with holidays also. This part of calendar contributes to 30 to 40 … Continue reading Happiness sale – up to 70% off

Frequency of investment

  A little bit older term in personal finance but still “Daily Collection” instantly refreshes the bitter memory of “Ponzi Schemes” in which many people lost their hard earned money in the lust of better return. Even a nationalized bank also was having daily collection scheme. Despite lot of news about people losing money and … Continue reading Frequency of investment

Digital wealth and its security

  With technological development money is also getting transformation. Holding money in digital format and increasing preference towards digital transaction is frequently in news for good as well as bad reasons. Holding wealth in crypto currency got a jolt with the news of death of Gerald Cotton, 30 year old founder of QuadrigaCX, a Canadian … Continue reading Digital wealth and its security

Debt the worst evil

  In an interview Sri Sanjeev Gupta, Group Chairman, Liberty House specifically mentioned about this evil. Biggest issue is debt even at the corporate level. Value gets tied with debt which hinders growth. It affects nations, states as well as corporate. Even “Maharaja” is under debt trap to the extent that nobody wants “Him” in … Continue reading Debt the worst evil

Budgeting for Income Tax

  With socialization transaction of goods developed followed by services and barter system came in. Then the valuable metal “Gold” became the common medium of exchange. In addition of it there was little transaction involving other valuable goods. Subsequently money was invented and then currency notes arrived. To make them as acceptable for transaction sovereign … Continue reading Budgeting for Income Tax